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Ferns Vendor / Partners
With 30+ vendors supplying us with over 3,000 individual product SKU’s, we rely on them to provide us with outstanding service. They understand how anal we are about making sure that we never run out of a product. They know that we want to be kept abreast of changes, new products or pricing that effects our customers. They know that their service to us is a critical part of why we do business with them. And they respond.

We’d like you to get to know our partners as well. Here’s some info about a few of them along with links to their websites so you can explore more about their products – the very same products that we offer to you.

New England Coffee It’s funny how small the world gets as we get * ahem * older. During his high school and college days, Ferns co-owner Larry Bearfield, worked at Cabot’s Ice Cream, Newton, with Jim & Mike Kaloyanides sons of one of the New England Coffee Company owners. Years (and years…ok, and years) later the friendship was renewed when we needed to form a relationship with a coffee company.

“It was a blast to find out that Jim & Mike and their cousins bought out their dads and are now part of the corporate leadership of New England Coffee,” said Larry. “A long ago friendship was renewed and now we work together professionally.”

At Ferns, quality goes beyond what goes into a product we sell… it includes the people we partner with. And we enjoy the relationship we have with New England Coffee.  Massachusetts Family-Owned Roasters

Boar’s Head Choosing to exclusively carry Boar’s Head at Ferns Country Store was a no-brainer for us. There’s simply no comparison to other meats and cheeses out there. It’s funny however, when we bought the store and first met with them, we didn’t know that not every retailer is allowed to carry the Boar’s Head Brand. They have a list of criteria that you have to meet in order to sell their meat. And that list includes adherence to health and safety regulations, presentation of product, store ambiance, knowledge of product and overall general attitude about the customer’s needs. Our first meeting with them was like a first date – they were interviewing us at the same time we were eyeing them up and down. Apparently we both liked what we saw because it’s all we carry. And we sell over 500 lbs of Boar’s Head meats and cheeses a week so it’s pretty obvious that you like us both as well!

We’re proud that we made the cut so that we can bring you the finest cuts around!

Chip-in Farm As our loyal Fernites know, we carry fabulous, farm fresh, free-running hen eggs direct from Bedford, MA based Chip-in Farm… Indeed, we sell over 200 dozen eggs a month! Our friends at the farm, Paul and his brother Neil, are the third generation Couvee’s to run the farm. They’re real nice folks. They have 3,000 egglayers at the farm that are Buffsexlinks (I’m not making that up) which are a cross between Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks. The rest are roosters who I’ll presume strut around with big smiles on their beaks, The “girls” are happy free-roaming hens that lay about 2,000 eggs a day which are then sorted by weight based on established agricultural standards. Eggs have a best shelf life of about 6 weeks if kept at 38-40o. It’s interesting to note that there’s some controversy about timing in the trade… seems that the large egg-factories don’t start their ‘time-stamp clock’ until they are weighed vs. when layed. So at the larger supermarkets you may very well be getting eggs that are 7-9 weeks old. Chip-in Farm says 4 weeks are best for optimum taste. Of course, eggs from Ferns don’t often hit the 4 DAY mark so you can be sure that you’re getting eggs that are wicked fresh (just like our staff). By the way, the name Chip-in Farm came about because a number of relatives chipped in to originally buy the farm! How’s that for Yankee practicality?! Eggciting Tips: 1 large egg yolk = 1 tablespoon; A whole egg = 3 tablespoons; 4 large eggs = 1 cup; Less yolk = less saturated fat; More white = more protein Bedford Family-Owned Farm

Golden Girl Granola direct from Carlisle! All-natural and made with tender, loving care… try Golden Girl Honey Bunches! Carlisle Family-Owned Company

To Die For Dips Appropriately named… can’t keep these dips on our shelves! One taste and you’ll be hooked too!  Concord Family-Owned Company

Smiling Sauce Company makers of the cooking sauces Zing! Kick! Twist!  Saucy Girls Diane & Nancy are locals who have turned their passion for cooking into a terrific company… their sauces even come with free recipes! Local Women-Owned Company


Goat Rising Cheeses Direct from a family- fahm in western Massachusetts. Here’s Robin meeting some of the girls responsible for the award-winning cheeses.  Massachusetts Family-Owned Farm

Five Acre Farm Located in Waltham, MA – provides our all-natural pie fillings – PERFECT for ice cream toppings too!  Massachusetts Family-Owned Farm

Ewen’s Sleepy Hollow Maple Syrup comes to you direct from the Ewen family sugarhouse in Lunenburg, MA   Massachusetts Family-Owned Farm

Valley View Orchards The Kroitzsh family farm in Maine is our pie supplier. They make the run down heah every Thursday morning to deliver us fahm fresh pies… The crust is to die for!  Maine Family-Owned Farm

Appledore Cove  The Ferns Deli features Appledore Cove Salsas in many of our Signature Sandwiches. All-natural ingredients and exceptional flavors add a uniqueness to our sandwiches. And you can buy the same salsas on our grocery shelves!  Maine Privately-Owned Company

Ticked Off Got ticks? This is the best tick remover for humans or pets! New Hampshire Family-Owned Company

Dr. Lucy’s Cookies Although Dr. Lucy’s Cookies are based in Virginia, we wanted to be sure you knew about these TOTALLY SCHOOL-SAFE cookies… Certified gluten-free, made without milk, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts, kosher pareve and vegan  – – but they are scrumptious! Find them in our Grocery!


Misc. stuff


Quad Cycles  Our friends from Ahlington. If you’re a cyclist – newbie or seasoned pro – check out these fine folks. Team Quad annually donates to keep our porta-john out back of Ferns for which we thank them!

Truth or Fiction You know those crazy emails you get like the one saying that Bill Gates will donate money if you forward the email to 10,000 of your closest friends?? Most of them are urban legends and the truth will set you free at this site.

Snopes Another fact-checking site… do your friends a favor and check the facts before you click the forward button.

Universal Currency Converter Perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations, using live, up-to-the-minute currency rates. Of course, at Ferns Country Store we take Master Card, Visa but we prefer good old American cash or Ferns Cahds. The Number 1 resource for online Pre-73 Chevy & GMC Pickup info – a powerhouse of data. It’s where Larry goes when “Lucille,” the Ferns 1956 WonderTruck is acting up and he needs some advice on how to control her.

Flight Stats Real-time info about commercial flights

Have other fun, informative sites you’d like to share?? Let me know!

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