RIP Lucille

Lucille the Ferns WonderTruck is a 1956 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. Originally from Colorado where she toiled for years on a farm, she was brought back east in 2004. After some fairly extensive mechanical work, she was introduced to the Ferns community where she gained a huge fan club.  Lucille was a daily driver – which means that she was all I drive year-round. Which also means that she got a lot of wear and tear and started to show her age. Just like me.

In March, 2012, Lucille The Ferns WonderTruck was in an accident. Well, I wouldn’t actually call it an accident – a young lady ran into me.  I was stopped at a stop sign in Bedford and – just like in a slow motion movie – I watched helplessly as she turned a corner and plowed right into me. I was fine. Lucille was not.  According to the Official Police Report (and I’m not making this up) “…Operator (name) related that she turned onto Park Row and got a frisbee stuck in the wheel… could not correct the turn and struck Bearfield’s vehicle….she was cited…” 

Unfortunately, I had to retire Lucille. But not before she became an organ donor to Bella – the new Ferns WonderTruck.

Here’s some press Lucille got in the New York Times:

New York Times  NYTimes Photos

And be sure and check out Lucille as Aht – folks who made her the focus of cool ahtwork!

RIP Lucille – you were fun!!

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