Fernites From Afah

Fernites From Afah are everywhere!

Ferns Country Store is wicked fortunate to have so many loyal customers – we call them “Fernites.” Indeed, our Pickle Barrel & Fermented E-Newsletters have over 2,500 subscribers. Many located throughout the world!

A few years ago – what started out as a lark – we call “Fernites From Afah” – folks from away – and we have Official Chapters of Fernites From Afah led by Officially Anointed Chapter Presidents. There’s no pay other than the Honor one receives from the title. OK, so maybe a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant if you stop by the Mother Store. Or a beah.

Well, we were wicked surprised about how big it would continue to get! We now have over 100 Chapters spread out across the country and around the world. In addition, we have Fernites from Afah Ambassadors – for those who, due to job or school circumstances find themselves spending lots of time temporarily situated in a particular place.

If you’re from Afah and would like to be considered as a Chapter President send an email telling us why you’d make a good president. The better the story the better your chances! Bribes accepted.

Be sure and check out the photos below of Chapter Presidents who have stopped by the Mother Store!

United States Chapters

Megan Albright, Round Hill, Virginia Chapter
Brian Archimbaud, Austin, Texas Chapter
Carol Balacek, Tribeca, New York Chapter
Bob Ballou, Minden, Nevada Chapter
Lucy Barrett, Bel Air, Maryland Chapter
James & Erin Bearfield, Clinton, Massachusetts Chapter
Jim “Two Bellies” Black, Vienna, Virginia Chapter
Kate Bauer Burke & Jim Burke, Williamsburg, Virginia Chapter
Lori Levine Bisch, Greater Portland, Maine Chapter
Joel Bourassa, Woodstock, New Hampshire Chapter
Todd Brooks, Portsmouth, New Hampshire Chapter
Michael Brophy, Easton, Maryland Chapter
Jeff Brown, Bergen County, New Jersey Chapter
Jim Burris, Sheridan, Wyoming Chapter
Clay Campbell, Montrose, Colorado Chapter
Lora Carr, South New Jersey Chapter
* Mary Caruso, Wellesley, Massachusetts Chapter
Pam Caruso, Homewood, Alabama Chapter
Chandler Clark, Hampton, Virginia Chapter
Rick Cline, Doylestown, Pennsylvania Chapter
Mary Collins, Dorr County, Wisconsin Chapter
Michele Cooke, Wilmington, Delaware Chapter
Anita Cope & Val Graf, Co-Presidents, Hot Springs, South Dakota
Michael Cruz, Glenns Falls, New York Chapter
Bob DeCoste, Tarpon Springs, Florida Chapter
SSG James Deering, USA, former Camp Pheonix, Kabul Chapter
   now James & Lisa Deering, Co-Presidents, Lancaster, Texas Chapter
Marc Denno, New London, Connecticut Chapter
Nancy DiBona Shank, Annapolis, Maryland Chapter
Su Enroth, Ocala, Florida Chapter
John Forte, Las Vegas, Nevada Chapter
Ed Erny & Avril Taylor, St. Petersburg, Florida Chapter
Dick Fairbank, Eastern Upstate New York (Albany) Chapter
Bev Baker Fink, Hatfield, Pennsylvania Chapter
Sheila Fraser, Bourne, Massachusetts Chapter
Elie Gentile, Hudson, Massachusetts Chapter
Kristin Grenier, Willington, Connecticut Chapter
Gayle Haller, Bronxville, New York Chapter
Bob & Nell Harvey, Pittsburg, California Chapter
Rande Jenus, Reston, Virginia Chapter
Larry Johnson, West Newfield, Maine Chapter
Ed “Buddha” Kavanaugh, Richmond, Virginia Chapter
Joe King, Grapevine, Texas Chapter
Sky King, Warren, New Hampshire Chapter
Janet Knudsen, Westmore, Vermont Chapter
*Mark Kornechuk, Hayes, Virginia Chapter
Bob Landry, University Heights, San Diego, California Chapter
Leon LaFreniere, Escondido, California Chapter
Paul LaFreniere, New London, New Hampshire Chapter
Blanche Levine, Forest Hills, New York Chapter
Scott Levine, Central Western Upstate New York (Ithaca) Chapter
Steve Lowry, East Windsor, Connecticut Chapter
Ned Lundquist, Greater Washington, DC Chapter
Sharon Manhart, Barneveld, Wisconsin Chapter
Connie Mayse, Chicago, Illinois Chapter
Sue Melanson, Southwestern Maine State Chapter
D’Arcy Mello, Merrimack, New Hampshire Chapter
Susan Norris, Cimarron, New Mexico Chapter
Tara O’Donnell, Oregon State Chapter
June Olster, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Chapter
Kathy & *Ron Paice, Colchester, Connecticut Chapter
Paul Pasquarosa, The Lake, Nonantum, Massachusetts Chapter
Ted Peterson, Harleysville, Pennsylvania Chapter
Paul Pfeuffer, Raleigh, North Carolina Chapter
Richard Pfeuffer, West Palm Beach, Florida Chapter
Gretchen Pinkava, Ashburn, Virginia Chapter
*Jack Powers, Paramus, New Jersey Chapter
Tom Raftery, Chatham, Massachusetts Chapter
Rick Renjilian, Gurnee, Illinois Chapter
Richard Searle, Albuquerque, New Mexico Chapter
John Schofield, Clermont, Florida Chapter
Mark Sofman, Rockville, Maryland Chapter
Michele Spanbauer, Wisconsin State Chapter
Michelle Levine Schwartz, Los Gatos, California Chapter
Shelly Sweeten, Weston, Connecticut Chapter
Sandra Teneyck, Alstead, New Hampshire Chapter
Jacqueline Thompson, Winston Salem, North Carolina
John Thurston, Corpus Christi, Texas Chapter
Joe Tramontozzi, Memphis, Tennessee Chapter
Marina Tramontozzi Ruggiero, Peabody, Massachusetts Chapter
Dan Tusinski, Rockport, Massachusetts Chapter
Joe Valente, Brockton, Massachusetts Chapter
Shelia Van Hoeter, Portland, Oregon Chapter
Larry Vickery, Plaistow, New Hampshire Chapter
Lois Vitagliano-Laven, Longwood, Florida Chapter
Mary Wadsworth, Bonita, California Chapter
Jim Wertman, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Chapter
Mary Ann White, Carlsbad, California Chapter
Dot & *Ray Williams, Englewood, Florida Chapter
Mary Wright, Orleans, Massachusetts Chapter
Larry & Suzanne Zimmerman, Spotsylvania, Virginia Chapter

Sovereign Nations and Worldwide Chapters

Norrie Anderson, Loanhead, Midlothian, Scotland Chapter
*Donnie Bill “Long Time Go Bear” Pease, Wyola (Crow Nation), Montana Chapter
Jason Drinkwater, Moscow, Russia Chapter
Webb Elkins, Playa del Carmen, Mexico Chapter (President Emeritus, Ferns Argentina)
Robin Gilbert, Bermuda Chapter
Carol & Graham Ball, Barnstaple, UK Chapter
John Kaufman & Deborah Bentley (former President), Co-Presidents Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Chapter (President Emeritus, Kingdom of Bahrain Chapter)
LT Jennifer Morin, USA, formerly Camp Arifjan, Kuwait Chapter (on leave)
Stan & Gill Roberts, Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK Chapter
David Siedlar, Jiangsu Province, The People’s Republic of China Chapter

Special Chapters

George “Capt. Mac” McGlaughlin, PT Cruisers of America Brigade Chapter
Dave McKay, Red Sox Nation Chapter


Luke Anagnostopoulos, Ambassador to Mitchell College, New London, Connecticut
Mike Burke, Ambassador to George Washington University, Washington, DC
Morgan Evans, Ambassador to Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana
Chris Gudejko, Ambassador to UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Brendan Laughlin, Ambassador to Minuteman HS, Lexington, Massachusetts
Connor Melvin, Ambassador to Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California


Zeb, Hot Springs, South Dakota
* Gizzy the Great, Hot Springs, South Dakota
* Deceased

Chapter Presidents Visit the Mother Store

 David Siedlar, President, Jiangsu Province, The People’s Republic of China Chapter with his daughter Carlislian Sarah Bunce

Check out our Gallery below for more pics of State Visits!


Fernites From Afah Chapter Conference held coincidentally at the same time as the US Navy Sno!!!Jam Event

February 2011, Berkshire East Ski Resort, Charlemont, MA 

Chapter President Foto Session! Back row: Marc Denno, New London, Connecticut; Mary Wadsworth, Bonita, CA; Rick Cline, Doylestown, PA; Ted Peterson, Harleysville, PA; Jim Wertman, Willow Grove, PA; Jack Powers, Paramus, NJ; Kirsten Grenier, Willington, CT;  Front row: Todd Brooks, Portsmouth, NH; Dan Tusinski, Rockport, MA; Chandler Clark, Hampton, VA;

Check out the Gallery below for more Conference Pics!

The Ski Shot & Trophy Toasts

The Ski Shot & Trophy Toasts are the Annual Ceremonies sealing the bonds of friendship – after a day of intense ski competition… here a group of Chapter Presidents, get ready for the Ski Shot Toast…

Check out the Gallery below for more Toast Pics!


“The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships.”
– – Abraham Lincoln

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