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If you’re from away and haven’t had the chance to stop by and visit with us, we’d like to give you a bit of a look-see into our store. After all, when you receive our FREE Pickle Barrel or Fermented Ferns E-Newsletters (you ARE a subscriber aren’t you?!) we want you to have a sense of familiarity as we talk about the store.

Although Ferns Country Store continues the tradition of there being a store on the same site since 1844, we’ve made a few improvements – like adding air conditioning. But there’s not much fancy about us. We have lots of antiques here and there. And tin ceilings. And nice paint on the walls. But you’ll probably still find things repaired with duct tape. Overall, we’ve tried to maintain that old New England-style-country-store-feel. Except you’ll find rock ‘n roll playing on the radio because rock ‘n roll is heah to stay. But what you won’t find is the same-old same-old, cookie cutter stuff like they have in chain stores like those fancy coffee shops with hifalutin names for their different size coffee cups.   Because we’re real.

You’ll find rocking chairs on the porch, fresh-baked smells wafting through the store and an old-style bell on one of our doors – all of which help bring you back to a time when life was simpler, folks had time to ponder and friends stopped to chat awhile. And Crew Members who treat you real nice.

We have five main areas at Ferns – Delicatessen, Fine Wines & Beers, Bakery & Coffee, Grocery and The Smiling Duck Cafe. So whatever you need, you can find it at Ferns. And if we don’t have it – you probably don’t need it.

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Oh, and lot’s of Friends.

Your hosts Robin & Larry


“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
– – Will Rogers

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