The Smiling Duck Cafe

THE social place in Carlisle!

Our indoor and outdoor Smiling Duck Cafes are THE social places in Town! Meet your friends and business associates for breakfast, a fabulous lunch or dinner over wine or beer!

At The Smiling Duck Café you can BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle – wine or beer) Monday – Friday 4 – 9p or Sat – Sun 12 – 9p. For complete convenience – buy your bottle at Ferns!

Ferns outdoor piazza offers the best in ambiance. You’re surrounded with stunning and lush perennial gardens capped by a fabulous waterfall. Sit. Eat. Chat. Enjoy. Call your friends and tell them “Meet me at The Duck!”
Click heah for more photos of our stunning gahdens




“Invite friends into your kitchen; relatives around your barbeque pit; but keep salesmen on the porch.”
– – Lou Brimfield

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