Bakery & Coffee

Ferns Fresh-Baked & Fresh Coffees
are Fabulous Sensory Delights

One of our discerning customers once commented that he calls us “The House of Smells” because every time he steps through our weathered wooden doors he’s immediately greeted by the gentle aromas of smells that cause his stomach to grumble and yearn for a fresh-baked treat or a cup of our fine coffee.

Ferns Country Store Bakery is a treat for your senses because we bake most of our goodies daily right here in-store! And the coffee is always fresh and hot throughout the day. We feature New England Coffee – a family-owned roaster located right here in Massachusetts. We have brews for every taste… Plus lattes, cappuccinos, fruit smoothies and our wicked popular Fernlatta!

Check out our bakery department and feast your eyes on our freshly baked goodies… We call it our “famous talking bakery” because something is sure to be calling your name! Treat yourself to a Ferns fresh-baked Chocolate Croissant… Almond Croissant… Ferns Tie Dye or Road Kill Cookie™… or a cup of Chocolate Mousse… Key Lime Cheesecake…. Do we have your attention yet??

Ferns Bakery is always stocked with delectable treats that includes:

***Chocolate, Almond, Cream Cheese, Apple and Butter Croissants … light flaky pastries stuffed with sinfully delicious fillings
***Cinnamon Rolls… a circled twist of dough laced with cinnamon and topped with a sweet icy dripping…
***Fresh-Baked Cookies… A variety of fresh cookies sure to please the most discriminating taste!
***And our world-famous Ferns Road Kill Cookies™! They’re alive and well at Ferns (well, not exactly alive) Last winter, we had a heck of a time getting road kill to produce our famous cookies but the spring and summer has been pretty active. Our good friends at the DPW drop off a constant supply of fresh road kill for us to ensure that we can mix up a full supply of Ferns Road Kill Cookies in our bakery. We usually feature Raccoons and Frogs but that can change daily depending on what’s brought in from our Town roads. And don’t be surprised to find a sour gummy worm latched to the top of each cookie! NOTE: You MUST be under 14 to purchase Road Kill Cookies… no exceptions! However, we DO allow a young person to buy for an adult. No whining or bribing the staff please!
***And then there’s our fresh-baked bagels… so good you’ll swear you’re in New York… without the traffic… Apple & Raspberry Sticks that Kevin O’Connor of This Old House calls “Harmonicas”… Yogurt-based Muffins, brownies, Whoopie Pies, Blueberry Crumb Cake… Or take home a fresh pie or coffeecake… Mmmmmm……


Coffee, Teas & Hot Chocolates – Ferns proudly features freshly brewed New England Coffee, The Republic of Tea, and our own private label organic coffee by the pound.

Ferns Soft Rock Organic Blend – An outstanding, gourmet, world-class coffee made from the choicest beans harvested from the finest plantations in Costa Rica that we’ve deemed worthy of carrying our name! It’s Organic, it’s ground for your drip coffee-maker and it’s available by the pound only at Ferns!

Coffee by the Cup – New England Coffee chooses only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans from Central America, South America, Eastern Africa, and the East Indies, fresh-roasted for consistently exceptional taste and quality. Ferns offers New England Coffees superb blends, delicious flavored coffees, exotic varietals, and full-bodied roasts to suit every taste. At Ferns we serve up regular to dark roasts, decafs, and flavored blends. Iced Coffee is available seasonally.

Lattes, Cappuccinos, Fernlattas™, Fruit Smoothies… They don’t get any better!

The Republic of Tea – Find a host of flavors at Ferns – available by the cup or tin! Our range of flavors will keep you coming back to try new tastes!

Ferns CoffeeExpres Cahd™ – For our customers on the go! Our CoffeeExpres Cahd is a pre-paid card that you buy ahead of time… stop in for your coffee and using our ‘Honor System’ simply punch your card and you’re on your way. (Of course, we strongly recommend that you slow down a little and find time to set for a spell on one of our rocking chairs. It’ll do you a world of good!)  Ferns CoffeeExpres Cahds are available for smalleh, mediumeh or lahgeh coffees – – 10 or 20 cups and get a FREE cup for every 10! When you come in for your coffee – simply go to the self-serve Expres counter, get your Regulah, Decaf, Hi-Test or Coffee of the Month – punch your cahd and *voila*…


“Country fences need to be horse high, pig tight and bull strong.”
– – Lou Brimfield

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