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The Pickle Barrel E-News (PBN) has over 1,800 world-wide subscribers! It gives you the latest lowdown on musings heard ’round the pickle barrel at Ferns Country Store. The PBN… info you really, really, need. And some you don’t. But always way more than what you paid for. It’s published on an irregular schedule dictated by newsworthy news and time to put it out. No fancy graphics (if you want pics of the store come visit) It’s old fashioned – just like life used to be. Work Hahd. Play Hahda (TM)

Meanwhile, the Fermented Ferns E-News (FFN) is your direct connection to doings in our Fine Wine & Beer Shop… Specials, Wine Tastings, New Craft Beers, and lots of info you probably never knew!

Ferns never gives out, sells, rents or trades its email lists. As we always say “What happens at Ferns, stays at Ferns.” The Pickle Barrel & Fermented Ferns E-News reaches over 2,100 folks local and worldwide.

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