Cyclists @ Ferns

Without a doubt, Cahlisle is wicked popular with the cycling community. And there are lots of cyclists who reside right heah in town. One of the regulah groups who come out this way out of Ahlington is Team Quad. You’ll find a sea of green and blue jerseys at Ferns every Saturday & Sunday at 11:00am – like clockwork. They’re a good group of folks – many are new cyclists who are taught proper rules of the road by the more seasoned riders. Many of Team Quad participate in charity rides and have raised thousands of dollars over the years. We also want to acknowledge that Team Quad donated $200 to the Ferns Porta-John Fund to help defray the cost of having the unit on site during the summer and установка кондиционеров недорого в могилевской области fall  Send your favorite Cyclists @ Ferns pics along and we’ll add them to the gallery!

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