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Wine Exploration Series

Learn the ins n’ outs of wines in a casual, fun, friendly atmosphere!

Want to understand wines better without having to earn a PhD?  Explore wines in a casual, friendly environment among friends?  Ferns Wine & Beer Guru Michael Gillen’s ongoing Wine Exploration Series will help you learn to enjoy your wines – –  and of course the best way to understand is to taste them!

Monthly in The Smiling Duck Cafe!

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We greatly appreciate your business!

Robin & Larry

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Ferns fabulous pizzas are available in Traditional

Thin Crust as well as our Thick Pan!  

 Thick or Thin – you win! GUARANTEED!

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NEW FOTOS!   Meet Bella – the new/old Ferns WonderTruck!

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* * * See the 9/11 sculpture created by Larry  Shattered Images; United Resolve

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Right here sitting on the rotary in Carlisle, Massachusetts proudly stands Ferns Country Store, an establishment that has continued the tradition of there being a country store on this very site since the 1844 when life was simpler, the air fresher, people had time to ponder and friends had time to stop and chat awhile.

At Ferns Country Store, although people come and go, many linger for a spell to catch up on the local gossip and goings on around town. Friends buy friends coffee – maybe a yogurt muffin if they like each other real well. You won’t find many grumpy people at Ferns because they’re not allowed. People are nice and smile a lot, except when they’re on their way to work in the morning then they just smile – maybe nod their head in a friendly, country greeting sort of way. There’s all sorts of great things inside our store – roam around our website and see for yourself. Well, that’s about it, except that you need to stop by and visit for real. Then you’ll see why our motto is Work Hahd. Play Hahda


Now Ferns fabulous pizzas are available in Traditional Thin Crust as well as our Thick Pan!  Thick or Thin – you win!

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